Monday, September 08, 2008

DjangoCon 1.0 was great, and now I've got the T-shirt, as shown at left (one of 100 printed -- in a real female size, no less, thanks to Leah.) The photo is from my lightning talk wherein I introduced myself and gave 10 reasons why people who use Django might be interested in IETF and how I could help. Also I'm tickled because the photo was taken by Simon Willison, whose blog I've been reading ever since I started using Django.

It's always nice to meet people with common interests, people I've gotten some awareness of online, but it was especially lovely this time. As Cal Henderson (shown left, pic by webmonkey_photos on flickr) pretty much said in the funny roast-style keynote entitled "Why I Hate Django", the core Django people are just too damn nice.

I also had moment after moment of future shock, just thinking about how many more tools we have for self-organizing as groups of people. Blogs, forums, voting widgets, comment fields, shared calendars and shared docs, collaborative bookmarking and tagging. Yes, none of these are new to Django but Django makes sites with these features very easy to create. I got started on dial-in text-only bulletin boards, people -- we're talking 28 kb modem -- consciously moving my reference point further back than it normally is. And on the other side of the coin, Django is such a useful project because of the online collaboration of loosely connected individuals. That's some heavy bootstrapping there.


hober said...

It was great to meet you! Erin tells me you've already connected on Ravelry too.

Ramin said...

Very nice to meet you at DjangoCon.

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt sizing was, I believe, actually due to Julia Elman, who had them made and wanted to make sure the ladies at the conference got proper shirts :)

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