Monday, March 23, 2009

We had a really great IETF APPs area meeting today. We invited a whole bunch of people to talk about their topics and moved through the presentations quickly. These topics were:
- HTTP Resource Discovery
- Service/server Discovery
- Timezone publication
- SCRAM (Salted Challenge Response Authentication in SASL)
- Bayeux and cometd: JSON pubsub over HTTP
- BOSH for tunneling XMPP over HTTP
- rHTTP: reverse REST
- Analysis of all these server-initiated HTTP schemes plus Web Sockets
- Massive Multiparticipant Online Experience: the Overview

The slides are all already available here. Here's my favorite, a slide from Mark Lentczner's deck, for tying a whole bunch of things together. Even though Tufte would probably cry as Mark said.

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