Friday, October 17, 2008

There's lots of ways to amuse even a toddler under 2 with a computer. Browse through cuteoverload or icanhascheezburger. My favourite is to find a Flickr group like Animal Parent and Offspring and browse through saying what kind of animal and baby we're looking at.

On Youtube, one of the earliest interesting things, to a baby, is videos of other babies laughing or babbling, and other parents have uploaded a bunch of those. Of course there's more cute animal videos. Elsewhere, there's kids music videos by TMBG and others.

I'm sure there's lots more but I'm not usually so strapped for ideas that I turn to a computer. I have a sore throat and don't want to get up from the couch!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two IETF tidbits to pass on.

1. An OAuth BOF was approved, and OAuth was submitted as an IETF I-D as fodder for that BOF. I'm excited about this; we at the IETF have been rather floundering around, without much consensus or sustained progress. Two years ago (already!) at the WAE BoF we identified some possible steps forward but there was still much disagreement over basic approaches, both technical and architectural (integrate SASL into HTTP, make requirements for TLS Client auth in HTTP, invent something new for HTTP). Since OAuth is already implemented in several places, perhaps this will leapfrog us past the open-ended "what shall we build" discussions.

2. ALTO is a proposed WG for "Application Layer Traffic Optimization": focusing on P2P file sharing, how can the network provide information to peers to help them pick peers in a way that impacts other users the least? The ALTO charter was sent out for IETF-wide review, and I'm optimistic about its formation as a WG. I've requested a BOF meeting slot, but hoping to turn that into a WG meeting slot.

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