Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two meetings was I invited to, 
And sorry I could not both attend, 
at two o'clock, what could I do,
the time was firm for each, I knew,
so I composed regrets to send.

I chose the meeting Paul had called 
because my thoughts were needed there,
and progress on V2 was stalled 
because the techs were so enthralled
with a framework with no market share.

And while Paul's engineers discussed
Their plans for building on Hadoop, 
And writing all their code in Rust, 
And if the crowdsource trend is bust;
I thought about that other group.

I'll have to read the notes they took,
No matter how obtuse or dense,
and at their data models look,
and find a time I can rebook,
If I am to make a difference.

.... apologies to Robert Frost.

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