Monday, June 25, 2012

Commentroversy, plus owls are the trendiest fowl.

Commentroversy is a five-year-old word according to Urban Dictionary, but it was new to me, when I saw it in the comment section of Yarn Harlot's latest blog post.  And the storm in a teacup that has so many commentators making puns about stitches and needles? The USOC asked Ravelry not to use the term "Ravelympics" to describe the event in which knitters set ambitious knitting goals during the real Olympics. Read the Yarn Harlot or Gawker, I think the shitstorm is funnier than the issue itself and don't have much else to say.

In unrelated news, I bought this t-shirt because it made me laugh.  But then I had to try to explain it.  Does it have something to do with YOLO being an acronym for "You Only Live Once"? I do not know.  But I did have a suspicion that owls are an arty crafty Thing.  And I confirmed they are a Thing, without even counting macrame owls.  You thought that ducks and chickens were overdone on home decorations?   Owls are the trendiest fowl by far.  In my totally scientific study based on Etsy search totals, here is the order of popularity of animals in kitsch:

Bird: 294,000
Butterfly: 144,000
Cat*: 118,000
Owl: 112,000
Dog*: 110,000
Fish: 67,000
Bear: 63,000
Horse: 56,000
Rabbit: 49,000
Mouse**: 47,000
Monkey: 43,000
Elephant: 42,000
Bee: 32,000
Deer: 25,000
Frog: 25,000
Ladybug: 24,000
Turtle: 23,000
Duck: 22,000
Lion: 20,000
Turkey: 19,000
Pig: 18,000
Fox: 17,000
Chicken: 17,000
Cow: 17,000
Sheep: 16,000
Sparrow: 15,000
Wolf: 13,000
Eagle: 10,000
Crab: 8,800
Panda***: 8,200
Parrot: 6,900
Beetle: 5,800
Lizard: 5,700

Rat: 4,400
Gorilla****: 1,200

* I subtracted the hits for pet accessories, because there's handmade dog and cat collars, beds, and toys, which don't count as Cute Handmade [Animal] Themed Tchotchkes.  If you just count housewares, for example, owls beat cats.

** Turns out, half the mouses on Etsy are Minnie.

*** You think you're cute, panda?  You're small-time, niche, pissant cute.  You can't even reach the tail of a stuffed owl.  I mean, really, you got beat out by crabs.  Go home and eat shoots and leaves.

**** Disturbing.

***** Tiger and Zebra were omitted due to the hard-to-control-for number of results with tiger eye gems, tiger stripe and zebra stripe fabrics. ***** <-- self-referential footnote

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