Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of the best articles on DRM I've read in a while appears on Penny Arcade, and contains the words "DRM takes a big poo on your best customers". Actually, the full sentence is worth including:
DRM takes a big poo on your best customers -- the ones who've given you money -- whilst doing nothing practical to prevent others from 'stealing' your precious content juices.

Yeah, that's right, punish your friends and give everything away to your enemies. As artists and creators, you do deserve to make money. Perhaps there are other ways than punitive DRM, however.

I'm not into protesting games that use DRM for protest's sake, although I did avoid buying Spore because of its license checking. I just happen to like games that I can play when I like and pay for when I like. I've given money to Puzzle Pirates, which the author of the article is associated with, because the game let me have fun first before paying. Ikariam is similar but taunted me too much with the for-pay goodies so I found that pressure off-putting. Kingdom of Loathing has the best laid-back attitude towards paying and playing. Not only can I take a break without getting punished, they treat my contributions as valued donations, so I feel good when I toss them some meat.

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