Monday, June 09, 2008

This was my route and itinerary by bike last Friday:

I biked three miles to the Palo Alto train station, caught an earlier train than I intended, and arrived 45 minutes early for my 10am meeting at point B. I left there just before 11 am and saw two bridges and much waterfront on my way to point C, where I was 30 minutes early for my noon meeting.

I left C at 1:30 and was 20 minutes early for my 2:30 appointment at point D. Finally I left there at 3:30 and had a last appointment near A before biking back to Caltrain. This SF loop is 12.5 miles according to Google, and I optimized it to have very little hill-climbing but this is SF folks. There were some hills.

The caltrain ride home was very much slowed by a pedestrian accident past Palo Alto, so I got off the train at the unscheduled Menlo Park stop and biked home: 4 miles.

A total of 19.5 miles on bike, all in a skirt with my demo laptop on my back. I loved it!!

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