Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am not experiencing flow doing Django Web form programming. Don't get me wrong, it's powerful and good, but there is something seriously messing with my ability to keep working. As usual, I need to look up Python and Django and HTML forms details every so often, but this is normal and I've been able to maintain focus doing other kinds of programming.

To build Web forms, I create a new HTML page and see that it loads, add a form element and a form field, see if it shows up, add a submit button, test that it works without being wired up, wire it up to a form submission URL and write a dummy handler, see that the dummy handler is called, replace the dummy handler code with real handler code. Each of these steps takes only a minute or two and after many of them I find I have to stop working rather than go on to the next step. It's worst when I have to figure out "what next" when I'm done with one whole form, at least for the time being. Perhaps it's the constant swapping between deciding "What am I doing" and "How do I do what I decided to do".

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mikeal said...

I use django's newforms library for all the form widget code and validation in the view.

It makes the experience much nicer.

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