Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three thumbs up for the Chariot Cougar 2 I bought a couple weeks ago. When you use something day to day the smoothness of use matters a lot:
  • One thumb for the easy way it attaches to the bike. It's got a ball joint to slip into a socket, held with a pin, and the pin is held with a rubber cover, and then a safety strap in case all that fails, but it's still fast to put together. Somehow with the Burley I never got snappy at getting everything all at the right angles.
  • One thumb for the carrying capacity and organization thereof. I went to the grocery store today with D. and came back with two big (cloth) bags plus a watermelon. There's two exterior pouches in back, one of them very big yet it folds up when not in use, and small side pouches inside the cab for the spare yoke or Darwin's stuff.
  • One thumb (Darwin's) for the comfortable, secure safety restraints. The chest yoke comes down over his head and snaps to a strap between his legs, and the seat belt snaps over that. Snap, snap, done.
When you use something day to day the smoothness of use matters a lot. I'm enjoying this.

You may ask if I'm turning into a diligent environmentalist, abandoning even my Prius in order to bike to work and the grocery store. Ok, well even if you don't ask, I'll tell you, there's are different things mixed into the satisfaction return of this practice. There's saving gas, yes, and knowing where I can find a spot to park without frustration. There's the physical well-being from exercise and feeling sun on my face or at least fresh air. I like to think I look pretty cool on the sharp red bike with red trailer, so yes there's a bit of pride too! Whatever keeps me pedaling.


Anonymous said...

We have one of those. My parents bought it when Z was only 3 months old (planning ahead, apparently). And after 5 years of heavy usage - we don't own a car - it's still in fine shape. Best baby paraphernalia we ever got!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Im trying it so hard to find REAL people who have used their Chariot Cougar 2 for useful things besides, looks and jogging. I have a 3 year old who is 42" tall and weighs 39#. I am so torn between the Chariot Courgar 2 and the Baby Jogger Switchback and the Chariot Coursair XL. I would like to room for him to grow. Can anyone give me real world measurements of the actual seating area inside these? Head room, leg room and width. I cant find real world information anywhere. Please help. Thanks

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