Monday, April 14, 2008

Shortest recognizable quotes

Three words
  • I'll be back
  • Feed me, Seymour
  • Yippee Kiyay, M*F*
  • Et tu, Brute
  • Phone's ringing, Dude
  • Run, Forrest! Run!
  • As you wish.
  • Clatto... Verata... Necktie?
  • God is dead.
Two words
  • A Handbag!
One word
  • Inconceivable!
  • Stella!
  • Doh!
Well, recognizable to me, anyway. I'm surprised I can't think of any more two-word quotes.


Barry Leiba said...

Three: "Make it so!"
Two: "You rang?"
One: "Ni!"

Lisa said...

ahh, now that you mention Star Trek, there's a single-word quote -- along with the right hand motion -- that is totally recognizable.


I don't know where "You rang" is actually a quote from. I've heard it, but I can't think of the iconic context.

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