Thursday, April 17, 2003

This Novell strategy article is amazing (link via Ditherati. Novell should fire their CEO Jack Messman. His contributions to the article:
In the short term, the advantage to CIOs is with NetWare, they have a more mature and robust operating system. Over time, that gap will diminish.
Great, so the CEO is telling customers that his company's software is only a short term advantage.
... an opportunity to answer the question as to what the migration path is for NetWare. Because people said, 'It's a dead-end path, so maybe I ought to switch.'
Now he's telling us his own customers consider NetWare a dead-end path.
... the non-Novell IT community's biggest misconception about the company was that it was " legacy and disappearing", which he blamed on the company's poor marketing.
Messman, don't you run marketing (since 2001 he has been CEO, president and chairman of the board)?
We were an engineering-focused company. We never listened to the customer.

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