Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Bill at work asked after my quilting, and I promised to get a picture of my recently completed quilt. I'm embarrassed it's not square, but other than that I'm quite happy with the effect on the wall. It's sparkly because of using several kinds of sparkly thread and glass beading.

The quilt started off pretty flat and rectangular, but it got bumpy when I added the thick threads through machine quilting (with thick threads in the bobbin). That quilted out a bit with the hand quilting, but it got worse again with a poor binding job I intend to redo someday. Let this be a lesson if you're a quilter - stop when your quilt starts getting unsquare and figure out why. Here are some more images of it:
  • Large and medium resolution versions of exact same picture
  • Detailed image from top center and bottom center
  • Extremely detailed picture of bottom center, showing a bunch of quilting and beading. The quilting includes grey hand stitching parallel lines at top, silver hand stitching inside curve; machine stitched thick glittery thread straight across and thick variegated cotton yarn in the curve (both done in the bobbin of the machine).
The last extremely detailed picture is why I bought the camera I did (Minolta Dimage 3.2 megapixel).
Here are some more quilt picture links for Bill:

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