Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The Agitator, past couple days posts, reminds me of high school. So smoking regulations have pushed people outside to smoke? There was a U-shaped semi-protected area between two buildings and the walkway between them where all the high-school smokers congregated to puff. Since there was no overhead shelter it was frequently miserable (this was in Canada where it is miserable 10 out of 12 months), but since high school was all about being cool even if it meant being cold, they all stood out there without coats. Of course the smokers were highly segregated from the non-smokers. You couldn't be friends with smokers during school hours unless you were willing to stand with them in the smoke, in the cold.

Next, the star of the "bomb reality movie Cancun" (I assume in this context bomb means bad) says "I'd rather be known for this instead of being smart or something." Well, so did all the girls in high school. They'd rather be known for anything instead of being known for intelligence -- whether that was excessive drinking and puking, slutty behavior, or getting in trouble with teachers.

I don't know what's been reminding me of high school so much lately but I find vivid memories popping up: eating Vachon snack cakes (Jos Louis, Caramel), the girl whose extreme posture turned size C breasts into a shelf-like protuberance making her very popular, the student council president election for one of the only black kids in the entire school where his campaign posters ran on reverse racism: "Black is Better". I don't miss high school, but I guess you can never leave it behind.

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