Thursday, April 17, 2003

Den Beste makes fun of the new French "pragmatism". Apparently the White House doesn't know what this means:
Colonna said Chirac had informed Bush of France's desire to "act pragmatically and case by case," especially on issues such as Iraqi disarmament, handling of sanctions, interim government, oil resources, administration and reconstruction.

The White House expressed puzzlement at the what Chirac meant by a "pragmatic" role for France.

"It was an interesting choice of words. I don't know exactly, literally, what to make of it. I think that's something that France can explain. I think that they may be seeking to find what role they may be able to play," Fleischer said.
Like Den Beste, I think "acting pragmatically" means "don't hold a grudge". From the same ABC News article, however: "It did not appear that Bush was ready to let bygones be bygones".

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