Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Many people on the Internet love to play "Let's you and him fight". This is a game where somebody with nothing to lose eggs on aggressive behavior on the part of somebody who has something to lose. On the Internet it frequently takes the form of urging legal battles. Penny Arcade recently posted a funny satirical comic on the Strawberry Shortcake character by American McGee of American Greetings. PA was asked to remove this comic from their site by lawyers for American Greetings. So of course loyal Penny Arcade readers boiled into a frenzy suggesting boycotting American Greetings cards and other products (they're a huge company), suggesting petitions, getting the ACLU and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund involved and "raising awareness" (=="ranting").They even got Scott of PVP into the action for some reason asking him to post on the subject (which he did but in a dampening fashion). Meanwhile PA took down the comic and went on with their lives which is the only sane thing to do when a couple random dudes might face legal action. I guess that's why organizations like CBLDF exist but they also need to choose their battles.

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