Sunday, April 06, 2003

Just think of what developments like these could mean to victims of major natural disasters like mud-slides, earthquakes and hurricanes. From Tech Central Station:
In the past, the wounded were stabilized with first-aid and transported far to the rear to field hospitals for life-saving surgery. But now, recognizing the importance of early intervention, the surgical teams are being brought to the wounded... Special operations medics can carry enough equipment on their back to start intravenous lines, secure compromised airways, and do minor surgery in the field.
We ought to create an infrastructure such that teams of these kinds of medics and more can be dropped within eight hours anywhere in the world. Now that would be worthwhile. The article also mentions some war-proved advances in bandages and clotting. The technical descriptions make me shudder, particularly the thought of zeolite crystals sprinkled on an open wound. But hey, it's nice they can be used for more than just metaphysical healing.

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