Thursday, September 26, 2013

Opportunities arising in fall 2013

Working on a new project using cutting-edge AWS stuff and iOS 7, I note some opportunities.

1.  A really good Ruby library for working with AWS.

Although Amazon really should hire more Rubyists, this could also be done by outsiders.  AWS is powerful and Ruby is powerful.  Hooking them together properly would be sooooo nice.

2.  An iOS module or framework for higher-level use of Amazon Persistence for Core Data (APCD)

APCD is intriguing but Amazon has a lot more work to do.  For example, objects can only have one properly-persisted relationship between them.  You can't synch an Event object with an "organizer" relationship to Users as well as a "creator" relationship to Users.

Whether Amazon does more work here or not, there's opportunities for people to build on top of this service, because it doesn't address problems like version skew between mobile app instances.  For that matter, I'd like some explanation what it's for -- a real-time background table synch service is good for something but what exactly did the architects have in mind?  Without knowing what it was built for and tested for, it's hard to know whether the service will work smoothly for the applications I'm thinking of.

3.  Documentation and examples for the new XCode unit testing

There's vast amounts of information out there on unit testing with Java, Python and Ruby.  There's blog posts upon blog posts of best practices, and many great questions and answers on Stack Overflow.  But when it comes to XCode, I can't successfully google for "unit test method for filling in a text field in ios".  Apple, why do you hate Web searches?


Would somebody get on these please?

Thank you.

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