Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick mommy blogging, just to say I'm still here.

A couple days ago I hear a scream and "Get it off me!" from the two year old in the next room. I go running. It's a piece of sticky fluff on his index finger from him poking under the furniture. Sarcasm kicks in but doesn't work:

Me: "Oh noes! It's a disaster!"

Him: "I has a zaster on my finger!!"


Unknown said...

LOL! This is where the phrase "We have a zaster on our hands" comes from.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Makes me think that Zaster might be a good dog's name... :)

Barry Leiba said...

I hear a "family word" in the making. One can imagine all kinds of zasters in all sorts of places.

"Why are you making those faces?"
"I have a zaster up between my gum and my cheek."

"Damn! There was a zaster on the tongs, and it let go at the wrong time and splashed sauce all over my shirt."

It has promise....

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