Thursday, January 22, 2009

I now work for Messaging Architects. I started a couple weeks ago but it's been busy; I traveled to Montreal last week to visit HQ and meet the management team.

It's going to be a fun job. The company is smallish (small enough for everybody to be on IM and see each other) but growing and building its product line. The M+Guardian product does spam control and other policy enforcement on email in transit, and I can definitely get behind spam control. The M+Archive is a bread-and-butter product for any company that has to follow regulations on email retention, which is a growing number, and I like the focus on swift retrieval. The M+NetMail email server was aquired from Novell a year ago and the company is now putting its stamp on the product (the team in Utah, who I met last October). In addition there's calendar integration, which you know I'm interested in, and possibly some file-sharing technology.

There's a lot of attention to customer needs at Messaging Architects, and a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. It's not hard for that to rub off on me even working from my own home! I'm in the midst of establishing a more fixed and attractive working spot at home, getting on IM with all my co-workers, joining regular meetings and getting the products running myself. Of course, I'm context swapping this new stuff with ongoing IETF work as I continue to handle the Applications Area Director responsibilities.

Thank-you to everybody who was looking out for me during the job hunt and if you're hunting, may you be as lucky as I.

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Congratulations - I hope you enjoy it!

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