Monday, March 17, 2008

One of my favourite tools for keeping on track is doing a regular report to my management.
Ever since Max Dunn, a former co-worker, told me about the "four P's" (progress, plans, problems, personnel) mnemonic, that's been a useful concept. Writing down some notes in each of those categories makes me remember stuff better, catch up, and plan better. I get almost all the value even without sending the report.

Right now I send a somewhat different monthly activity report to the Apps Area Discuss mailing list and to the Working Group chairs of the WG's I advise. It serves some of the same purpose to me, and other people have found it useful. I indicate what I think is the status of each document I'm sponsoring to become an RFC, and if the authors think the status is different (e.g. one of those common "I was waiting for you while you were waiting for me" traps) they tell me. I mention a couple notable things at the top of the report, and try to summarize what state each WG I advise is in.

I try to send these in the first week of the month, which means I'm two weeks late for March due to being sick and having the IETF meet last week. Maybe later today??

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