Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clearly my lack of posting is explained by the fact that I have died in a knitting accident. It was the size 1 lace Addi turbos I've been knitting the cellular automaton shawl with, those are some sharp needles.

Maybe it's just a metaphor for this blog: I haven't been posting much since I joined Ravelry, so the blog was what died in the knitting accident.

Have I anything else to say? I've been thinking about email software, and I concluded that a really great email-focused program would include GUI design contributions from a game designer. Email management needs to have the same smoothness and responsiveness that a good console game does. I deal with hundreds of emails a day; dealing with them should be so smoothly software-assisted that I'm eager to click to kill the next one. I mean file it. Instead my flow gets interrupted constantly by tasks that draw me away from getting through my email.


Barry Leiba said...

Hm, shouldn't that be "dyed in a knitting accident"?

stpeter said...

Leave it to Barry Leiba to post nits about knits! ;-)

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