Monday, October 04, 2004

How thrilling! After only two years, the XMPP WG has produced RFCs.
  • RFC3920, Core protocol (framework for applications like notifications, as well as instant messaging and presence)

  • RFC3921, Instant messaging and presence over the core protocol

  • RFC3922, how to map XMPP presence information and instant messaging to the same common interchange format that SIMPLE instant messaging can map to

  • RFC3923, requirements for end-to-end security of instant messages even when routed over more than one protocol

The work began earlier than two years ago, of course. Jabber was designed while Jeremy Miller was waiting for the IETF to come up with a standard IM protocol (and taking too long). When the IETF process still appeared stalled, Jeremy and others proposed that the IETF could standardize Jabber, by creating a working group to design a revision to Jabber that met the IETF standards for internationalization, security, XML namespace usage and a few other things. A BOF meeting was held in July 2002, very eventful and entertaining as IETF meetings go. The WG was formed, and I was added as a co-chair to help Pete Resnick, on October 31 2002. Peter Saint-Andre authored *all* of our internet drafts, doing a huge amount of difficult work in an extremely timely, professional and skilled manner. Whew! It's been fun!

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