Friday, March 28, 2003

I no longer live in Seattle, but I still read The Stranger from time to time, it's better than SF's alternatives. This article on being a supporter of the war in the overwhelmingly pro-peace Capitol Hill area is a nice example of how broad The Stranger can be. It also makes a case for supporting a quick victory even if one was originally anti-war:
Understand that the invasion of Iraq has become an ineluctable situation. It would be senseless to extricate ourselves now even if we could. Until things get better, they are going to get worse--there will be more American prisoners of war and more executions; we will lose more helicopters in sandstorms; chemical warfare seems almost a foregone conclusion--and increasingly we are in a race against time: The military will have to accomplish its objectives before the peace movement (which will gain momentum as casualties pile up) accomplishes its objective of obscuring them.
A Capitol-Hill resident, ex drama student, Stranger-article-writing guy under the age of 23 is hardly the stereotypical warmongerer, now is he?

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