Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Is anybody surprised that white-hats sites (those that promote hacking into computer systems only to identify security holes, not to benefit from them) are beloved of black-hats? says "We aknowledge that hacking in the benevolent sense, including problem solving and discovery, is critical to the evolution of our information society. "

However, as an example of presumable misuse, the politically-motivated "hacktivist" (I hate that word) group GForce Pakistan, claim in an interview that bugtraq,,, and PacketStorm are among the sites that are necessary to them to deface Web sites. You see, GForce Pakistan does not find the security holes, they rely on others to find them and publish them, and only write their own exploits.

GForce Pakistan claims only to deface Web sites to get attention (not to steal or destroy), so they probably don't consider themselves black-hats. However, in Oct 2001, they claimed to have confidential US data to hand over to al-Qaeda. And they've also said that "We will not rest till every node, every line, every bit of information contained in our suppressors has not been wiped out, returning them to the dark ages".

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