Tuesday, November 04, 2003

After three years of effort, my book is out! Thanks to:
  • Eric Rescorla for everything

  • Jim Whitehead and Greg Stein for getting me started, reviewing chapters and writing blurbs

  • Clay Shirky and Larry Masinter for writing more blurbs
  • Radia Perlman for encouragement and having me in her series

  • Brian Korver, Elias Sinderson, Andrew Sieja, Yaron Goland, Geoff Clemm, Terence Spies, Kevin Dick, Gary Gershon and Andrew McGregor for technical reviews and advice

  • Peter Raymond and Rick Rupp for diagram ideas, Keith Ito for his tracer tool

  • Everybody on the various WebDAV mailing lists

  • Rachel Gollub and Rob Alvelais for friendship and support

  • Prentice Hall editors and production staff: Mary Franz, Noreen Regina and Anne Garcia and Techne Group's Dmitri Korzh (for their patience)

  • My mom and dad

My amazon sales rank is 863,536 so far. Whatever that means.

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