Thursday, December 19, 2002

Good grief. Matt Smith complains that "Calculated in potential casualties on the field, [it] is the ultimate American doomsday machine." Can you guess what weapon of mass destruction is being unleashed? A nuclear device? Biological or chemical weaponry? Maybe lasers on satellites targetting everybody personally? Nope. It's the segway, a powered two-wheel transportation device. His argument is that it will make people fatter.

I really think Matt intends to be serious about this -- I carefully scrutinized the article for a sense of irony or mockery. But he seriously seems to think that not only is a segway dangerous to the health, but that San Francisco is morally superior for not encouraging these devices and this causes fitter citizens. Pray tell, how is the segway different from our existing powered two-wheel transportation devices, the scooter and the motorcycle?

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