Sunday, January 03, 2010

A year in knitting: I knitted 6 miles of yarn in 2009.
Mosaic of finished knitting in 2009

Considering how much I spun in 2009, I'm pretty pleased. My stash definitely grew due to the spinning & gifts and purchases (5 miles purchased at Stitches West Feb 2009 alone, mostly not knit up yet).

1. Alpaca socks for Laurie (modeled), 2. fit of pathways 2 socks, 3. Zombiegurumi, 4. Vilai sock, 5. Prairie glass scarf, 6. Trekking sock, 7. Replacement travel shawl, 8. First handspun sock, 9. Amsterdam socks, 10. YAPS, 11. Panda wool retro rib, 12. Lavender shimmer scarf, 13. Petroglyph hat, 14. "Dove wing" icarus closeup, 15. Cowl from handspun., 16. pnw shawl on hangar, 17. zigzag fold, 18. Hawt sweater 1, 19. Malabrigo shawl.JPG, 20. Auction scarf 3 closeup


Zach Shelby said...

You would probably have enjoy Finland's Sukka (sock) Summit 2010 event, which brings together the best knitters in the country to compete in the fastest and best socks! Here is a PDF (sorry, only in Finnish):

Code said...

This is very nice. I don't know much about knitting, but is there a characteristic weave for the craftsman?

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