Thursday, August 24, 2006

We just got the second season of House, MD on DVD, and I'm enjoying it although it may be slightly darker than the first season, so far. The show continues to focus on ethics with a great twist: most episodes seems to demonstrate, one way or another, that nice isn't always ethical, and ethical isn't always nice. Or as the creator David Shore puts it, "What's more important --Kindness or Truth?"

The show is entirely driven by the acerbic, blunt character of Dr. House, played masterfully by Hugh Laurie. He's one of my favourite actors with a huge range of talent (including humour: notably Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster where he plays an utter fop ) and the ability to melt into a role like this. IMDB says:
During Hugh Laurie's audition, David Shore says that Bryan Singer, one of the executive producers, said, "See, this is what I want: an American guy." Singer was completely unaware of the fact that Laurie is English.
Also, Robert Sean Leonard is still cute. Awww, those puppy-dog eyes.

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Barry Leiba said...

But don't you find the repetitious mechanisms a bit tedious? I mean, they always break into the patient's house to see if there's an environmental pathogen. And they always drive the patient almost to death with the wrong treatments. And even then, the answer is never reached by a logical assembly of the clues, with an "Aha!" and a victory — House always comes up with some off-the-wall guess, like he sees a sardine can in the garbage in the cafeteria, and that makes him think of Sardinian Ovine Blastocystitis, and he decides that the patient must have tupped a sheep on Sardinia and contracted SOB, and it always turns out to be the right answer, la-la-la. That doesn't bother you?

Also, Robert Sean Leonard is still cute.

Ahhhh, now we have it. But he has three names, which means he's an assassin. (See here and look a few quotes down for an explanation of that non-sequitur.)

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Barry, you're wrong on this one. HOUSE did fall into precisely the rut you mentioned about halfway through the first season, but realized it and began to change, first with the sub-plot involving Chi McBride. The 'medical mystery' part of the show still tends to have the weaknesses you mention -- though they've stopped breaking into houses -- but it has to. People can understand forensics, motivatiobns, and clues in an ordinary mystery, but can't follow the clues that a diagnostician can to solve the cause of a disease. Which of us could go "Oh, of COURSE! It's Wilson's disease."

So they had to concentrate on the human factors involved both in the cases and in the interrelationship between the main characters, and have done it throughout the last season and the first episodes of the new -- and this week's case involving a kid who is convinced he is being abducted by aliens and is found unconscious with rectal bleeding -- no, it isn't child abuse -- was rather incredible. (As was the subplot involving a case in the first episode in which House was right, but Wilson convinced Cuddy not to tell him he was.)

But it is the acting, particularly Laurie's. Leonard's and edelstein's that makes the show. Laurie can convey more in a scene which merely shows him silently thinking than most actors can with pages of dialogue. Wilson and Cuddy are his balance-wheels.

Oh, and as a bisexual, I agree that Wilson is cute, though Chase is sexier, and Cameron is also on the high end of 'attractive.'

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